What makes your company, your team to be the first?
If you are the number one choice for your clients not only for now, but for long based on something "plus" the added value.
The team of marketingplus works on helping You focus on the essence and win in the tough competition. As our tagline says we find your winning strategy and make your company be the first choice for your clients. Because the winner takes it all, and nobody remembers the second.

We help in: We ship information and services in:
  • proper situation assessment
  • finding opportunities to develop, break out and rationalize
  • finding out what your clients/customers in fact value in your goods and services
  • in smart communication
  • ensuring long term and predictable growth
  • strategy development
  • brand building
  • graphic design, execution
  • marketing- and market research
  • customer satisfaction analysis
  • loyality building
  • sales promotion
  • marketing communications
  • PR, CRM
  • consultative selling
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